Power Controlling

A smart meter that will track, map and analyse the power consumption at a facility (residential or commercial). Installing the measuring units and sensors at load circuits will capture the electricity usage data in industry standard database and send reports to the connected device (Smart Phone or Computer). This allows consumer to know which appliance is using more electricity and take smart decisions to save power consumption.

Konnected Cars one track

We have designed the product to provide some unique benefits to the car dealership too. We have listed out some of the benefits the dealership could reap from providing this product to their customers. But we understand that each dealership and manufacturer are unique to their customers in terms of their design, service, infrastructure and strategy so we do like to discover it and tailor make the specific product for your business.

Social Analysis

Smeltr is a cloud communication platform providing programmable communications to businesses. Providing Text and Voice messaging services along with Analytics for all classes of business marketing needs. Best in class communication solutions with expert surveillance.


Taking dining into another level. Best in class dining concierge service providing tailor-made experiences to celebrate every occasion with extravagance and special treatment. The long-awaited destination for people who love dining and enjoy deliberation while being served.

photo printing app

So what is Froto? Like we saw, its essentially a photo printing app that allows our users to get their photos printed & shipped free of cost. Along with these photos, you get coupon and deals on the back of the photo print. The best part is, you can store all these coupons on your app and we also ensure they are always upto date and we have an intelligent way of reminding you to use the coupons when you are near to a store. It makes sure that you never miss a coupon when you are within the proximity of the store.

Education Application

Our product will provide a seamless and interactive platform and dashboards for the student, parent and guardian to be able to review performance and daily progress, while still providing advisory services (learning plans and resolution techniques) to utilize the data analytics. It covers all of the existing modules: eRegistrar, Profile Management, Admin, Finance, Tests and Assignments, Library, Campus Events and News, Transportation, Cafeteria, Counseling and Placement, Dorm/ Hostel, Health Services and Student Organizations.