The CAD measured as-built drawings made by our team are highly accurate and depict the existing conditions of the site or structure. The digital references of the construction contain real-world information of the elements that are necessary for performing calculation analysis and scheduling.

The field verified, measured drawings are based out of cloud point data with low tolerance. Since the models contain all the elements present at the field, including their dimensions; the As-built drawings are often used for resolving insurance claims disputes. 
The 3D digital construction documents cover,

  • Architectural Modeling (Optimizing the design and documenting it with accuracy)
  • Structural Modeling (Layout of structural components in the fabrication including details)
  • MEPF Modeling (3D visual rendering of Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, Fire Protection elements)
  • Clash-Detection (Avoiding the elements overlapping during restoration/ extension)
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