Synchronizing data from various BIM models, metadata, spreadsheets and other databases to generate ability to support CAFM-PPM (Computer-Aided Facility Management - Planned Preventative Maintenance) systems.

From assigning location and properties during conceptual stages to tagging the assets physically through entity to be related in a hierarchy; our team ensures that all the elements mentioned in documents are linked back to the relevant asset tag, irrespective of the format the element may appear. This enables us to categorise the assets along with compatible groups with a unique identifier and assess the performance against all the others.

The important aspects of Asset Tagging are,

  • Strategy Making (Creating a connected infrastructure with the tags on a facility level to provide desired outcomes)
  • Asset Register (An index of asset tags at various levels to be used in Project Information Model)
  • AD4 (Asset Data Definition Dictionary Document; describing the attributes of all assets within an infrastructure)
  • PDT (Predefining the characteristics and properties of each asset in a Product Data Template)
  • Naming Convention (Assisting with Asset Tag naming strategy with unique identification codes to each asset)
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