Delivering a full spectrum of sustainable AEC solutions with international building standards. Equipped with latest and licensed architectural software, Clove Tech provides digital twin and digital construction monitoring services on various platforms to ensure the right communication of design intent and specifications.

At Clove Tech, we pay keen attention to the intricate details of the structure, material and other factors. The digital built models we create can be used for coordination with architects and MEP engineers. These BIM models can also be used to integrate with analysis, design and data to track material quantities to explore design alternatives, in case of a clash. Working with conventional building drafts furnished with fabrications increases the accuracy in execution and enables control over cost estimates and budget controls. Clove Tech has a team of fine drafters who can tailor-make CAD solutions for residential, commercial, industrial and multi-purpose constructions. After the construction phase, Clove Tech offers a variety of Intelligent Virtual Twin solutions in the operations phases of the building that caters the owners to run a smooth and efficient management of the infrastructure that truly defines what a virtual replica like digital twin can become in the future.

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