We produce accurate and stunning BIM models to back up the design for constructability, performance, maintenance and to follow all the applicable codes and standards.

Our personnel work closely with design teams during the development stages and optimize diverse inputs such as hand sketches, conceptual drawings, redline mark-ups, data sheets, etc. They simulate the collected design options and analyse them to determine ideal solutions for clashes and cost reduction.

Our platform independent solutions cover HVAC, Power Supply, Water Supply, Drainage, Fire Fighting components. 
Our principle MEP BIM services include,

  • Design Coordination (Using intelligent Modeling methods to rapidly assess alternatives while representing all the proposed elements)
  • Cloud Point to BIM (Importing laser scanners or as-built drawings to document and fetch dimensions of an existing project)
  • Clash Detection (Providing collision-free, coordinated BIM models through validating virtual constructions)
  • Cost Estimation (Offering real-time reflection of measurements and costs of the design after every change in core model)
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