While projects are becoming large and complex with time, our measure designing solutions enables an intelligent model-based process to plan, design, construct and maintain buildings from small to sizable infrastructures. We offer full-spectrum of BIM Modeling with high quality structure software components that balances practicality with functionality of the produced finite dimensional models.

When BIM projects are composed using right Family templates from the content libraries with data-rich objects, the graphical representations will not only contain the real-world dimensions but also include the engineering data. Using the multi-discipline platforms, we work on:

  • Architectural Families (Doors, Cabinets, Sanitary ware, Kitchen accessories, Walls, Ceilings, Furniture & Fixtures families)
  • Structural Families (Beam cages, Frames, Column & Joist families, Trusses, Foundation families)
  • MEP Families (Ducts, Chillers, HVAC Component Families, Plumbing Families)
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