While BIM is becoming an inevitable part of construction day by day, it is important for the traditional companies in relevant business to adopt this new-gen method as soon as possible to grow further. Our BIM infrastructure expert can help you determine the software/ hardware, licenses and network requirements for the project.

Ensuring data fidelity and continuity across project life-cycle, we audit the existing IT infrastructure, select an ideal software platform at the earliest to help remedy possible interoperability issues. Regulating and guiding the current and future project needs, we define the hardware specification to make sure the hardware on downstream is not any lesser dynamic than the ones used for creating the content. 
To reach the fundamental goal of successful BIM implementation, the workflow planning would cover,

  • BIM Information Authoring (Understanding the capacity and depth of the resource and offering the right platform to share information)
  • BIM Software/ Hardware Review (Providing detailed recommendations of the infrastructure to ensure smooth execution)
  • BIM Software Support & Maintenance (Providing quick and efficient service for questions post-implementation)
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