We use the inherent intelligence of Building Information Modeling (BIM), to digitally represent the physical and functional characteristics of places. Clove Tech clustered together a set of skilful, well-practiced and inventive team of draftsmen, engineers and designers with prolific experience to provide best design solutions for the clients from diverse verticals. We incorporate services of a Digital Twin intelligent 3D model that serves as an intelligent tool but also a very intuitive way to access digital building documentation.

Visual Construction starts with Modeling the schematic structures to detect and eliminate the system conflicts before installation. The simulation of the project follows by adding time as fourth component to define the phasing. Using the coordinated 3D models, we check for possible intrusions between the building physical systems. Whilst our services for technology driven digital twin-built models are capable to perform utmost all the functionality needed to create an intelligent virtual replica platform in the construction stage and the O&M Phases. The detected clashes can be resolved by rerouting utilities, changing elevations and re-sizing elements with an integrated approach. Using multi-disciplinary platforms with interoperability, we provide a construction document coordination between design and project teams prior to procurement and construction. From planning and communication to quality and productivity; we take the use of VDC to a new level, to the benefit of builders, realtors and architects.

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