Enabling our clients to channel the power of geography and business intelligence to digitize the Asset Management System from project inception to data delivery and beyond. We offer Infrastructure and Environmental asset mapping and condition assessment with completely measurable database aimed to fetch information from a myriad of devices and systems into a single and intuitive platform.

Compiling Spatial Representation and Condition Profile in a power portal for the stakeholders to allow real-time monitoring of the asset’s location, status along with other critical metrics, reports and KPIs on almost any web-enabled device. This geospatial-centric approach allows them to assess the current and future infrastructure conditions to prioritize the assignments, allocate the resources and manpower accordingly. Our Asset Mapping services include,

  • Communicating real-time data from sensors and operating systems.
  • Combining the live data with contextual statistics to aid intelligent decision making.
  • Visualizing the collected data into Digital Maps to ease performance report generation.
  • Sending immediate trigger alerts during asset condition fluctuations.
  • Framing user roles to ensure creating and exposing data is not apparent in each system.

Our Asset-mapping comes with Geo-tagging and Geo-fencing features that facilitates Predictive Maintenance, CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management System) integration and effective Work Order Management systems.

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