Clove Tech possesses best-in-market Computer Aided Design (CAD) and Drafting team who makes data meet geography to create beautiful yet flawless maps. Our advanced custom map representation makes sure the user has access to Authoritative Geographic Data with unbiased elevation. By combining our industrial expertise of Mapping and Surveying services with latest geospatial technologies, we help our clients to turn their properties into real assets. We create Geospatial indexes that speeds up searches based on location as well as enables applications to apply the spatial relationships within data to yield best results.

From digitizing the spatial entities such as Base maps to creating Shape Files with myriad of data layers; our team maps geographic, demographic, social, environmental and other aspects of an area using multiple software platforms including various database architectures to enable easy re-integration. Either drafting a map from the scratch or developing upon an existing map or data system; we offer Integrated Mapping Services to public and private sectors. We maintain an extensive data catalogue to provide advanced special analysis with unparalleled accuracy and turnaround time.

Our mapping services include,

  • Conversions for AM / FM Systems (Automated Mapping / Facilities Management)
  • Data Conflation Services
  • Manual Data Assimilation
  • Data Dictionary
  • Record Clean-up
  • Data Quality Assurance
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