Since satellite imagery is central perspective and almost all the time collected by scanning side to side along a path, the spatially adjacent parts of an image get distorted because of the movement and/or the lens tilt. Through Orthorectification, our Photogrammetry experts mosaic multiple raster images, scenes or datasets together to form a unified image ensuring the joins of the images are seamless.

Mosaicking gives more accurate data than geometric corrections by predicting GCPs (Ground Control Points) on the base map or image. The geometrically corrected images can be used to measure true distances between any two points on surface, due to accurate ground control. The Orthorectified datasets of Satellite imagery and aerial photographs involve thematic image analysis, provide a great visual effect without topographical variations. We perform Polynomial correction and Orthorectification to achieve accurate mosaics be able to make uninterrupted and true measurements of distances, angles, positions, and spaces.

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