Cartographic professionals at Clove Tech are experts with end-to-end map data development, maintenance and enhancement solutions. We create innovative and quality, purpose-made street maps, aerial surveys and surface models with detailed topographic and planimetric map details. Our LiDAR and photogrammetric surveys, are focussed to provide digitized data with high detail and accuracy.

We project distinct digitizing techniques for topographic data creation to establish elevations and break lines with right densities at every map scale. By carefully and precisely accumulating the necessary points, we create cost-effective Terrain Models with volume as well as cut and fill calculations. Our Aerial data is georeferenced with most reliable GNSS databank based on real-world GCPs (Ground Control Points) and is easy to convert into Digital Elevation Model (DEM), and Triangulated Irregular Network (TIN) models whenever it is required for further data investigation. Our solutions aid various industrial applications including engineering, construction, environmental and transporting for Inventory maintenance, asset management, infrastructure digitization, documentation, and more.

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