To offer a City Model with architectural design evaluations guaranteed, we bring in Photogrammetric Analysis into picture which helps us acquiring accurate 3D geometries of physical objects and environment. Though it is a commonly used method for Data Modeling and Analysis in 3D environment, we add more computational methods such as Procedural Modeling to enhance Urban Geo-designing.

Our data experts extract the forms, elevations and geographical details of all the visible physical features using strategically captured aerial and ground images. The acquired imagery will be matched, processed, computed, tonal balanced and georeferenced to the GCPs (Ground Control Points) to obtain accurate stereo models and textured terrain models. After adding plan-based footprints to the study area, the 3-dimensional Models will be attached with street, block and city level details. The semi-automatic approach of geospatial analysis enables creating augmented 3D city information models.

3D Modeling enabled with Photogrammetry can also be used to create Digital Architecture or a digitized 3D computer model of physical elements for topographic mapping, architecture, engineering, Archaeology, live action and gaming applications.

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