Adding location intelligence to the basic street maps and shapefiles by extracting or adding Points of Interest (PoIs). Our Cartographic experts skilfully add geo-referenced Points and Features of Interest using various layered datasets and indicators to improve functional value of the maps. Our team creates dedicated geographic entities to each point, that supports several navigational and information applications such as digital mapping, augmented routing apparatus and private database validations.

In addition to feature extraction, we create PoI feature classes which are maintained programmatically by sourcing and matching spatial and non-spatial attributes from other feature classes in the DTDB (Digital Topographic Database). Each PoI consists the details of various pool of business, leisure and other proposed geographical points. Combining mapping skills with remote sensing capabilities, we produce high-resolution urban land-use mapping that can be applied while governing risk assessment, service access, location detection, location-based marketing, as well as find-my-nearest searches.

We aim to enhance the destination selection in Navigational Maps by adding custom captured, authenticated and value-added PoI.

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