Our Terrestrial mapping includes digital oriented GPS and Inertial techniques along with traditional methods with primary equipment to achieve high-quality quantitative representation of a land. We have technical, human resource and infrastructure advantages to practice modern mapping to benefit the clients each time they need Geodetic datum. We create contoured topo-maps using photogrammetric interpretation of aerial photography as well as laser scanned data.

We employ observational and computational methods with the help of new-age integrated digital equipment, to determine the absolute positioning of each determined point on ground. We build temporary and permanent GPS reference stations at determined points for location accuracy during post-processing, navigational applications and local control networks. With the captured GPS data, we establish horizontal and height control networks followed by BIM implementation, deformation study and architectural assessment with positional accuracy, depending upon the client’s requirement. Clove Technologies adopted and operates various geodata equipment from traditional Theodolites to zero-man instruments.

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